På Dansk   In English
VW Beetle   Free-hand A5, 1999 Zoom 
The Car Mortuary   Collage 60x50 cm, 2005 Zoom 
Art Or..   Collage, 2005 Zoom 
Ktesnuko   Collage, 2005 Zoom 
Love Products   Collage, 2006 Zoom 
Mirror Double Portrait   Portrait, free-hand - 25x26 cm,1999 Zoom 
Party Like It's 1959   Collage, 2012 Zoom 
Maria Picassó   Portrait, free-hand A4, 2005 Zoom 
Banu Gürsel   Portrait, free-hand A4, 2005 Zoom 
Daughter Of A Lighthouse Keeper   Portrait, free-hand 40x30 cm, 1999 Zoom 
Scooterhead vs Tapehead   Collage, 2012 Zoom 
Odense Bytrafik   Concept drawing for advertising campaign, 2005 Zoom 
Pollute   Collage, 2005 Zoom 
Cinema   Installation drawing, free-hand A4, 1999 Zoom 

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